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Specialized Software Engineer for high-performance and high-availability integrations in complex cloud software & data environments. Over 20 years of experience, and many success solution designing in government and corporate areas. Such as: some Brazilian Regulatory Agencies and Military Forces, financial institutions, satellite fleet tracking companies, and electronic document management systems.

Focusing on the best quality saving cost solutions. Planning, leading and implementing innovative products, software/data & cloud hybrid architectures, business intelligence, business process reengineering, security and accountant audits, heterogeneous technology integration, data & applications cloud migrations.

A promoter of change, a leader with excellent communication skills, motivating and aggregating multidisciplinary teams in order to lead them to achieve their highest potentials.

Career History

December 2016 - Present

Cloud Solution Architect

ISH Tecnologia

Working as Azure Consultant and Cloud Solution Architect in a multi-qualified and specialized team do develop multi-cloud solutions both for private and public organizations.

Azure Cloud Solution Architect - Role: Consultant

Working in a multi-disciplinary Cloud Specialists team to build Multy Cloud Solution -of-Concept for to a public organization. Combinig technologies as Microsoft Azure, Amazom AWS and HPE Helion in a Multi-Cloud environment.

June 2014 - Present

Software Engineer

Compline Informática - Services Solutions

Working with a highly skilled software engineer team, in conjunction with Microsoft Engineering multidisciplinary team, to design and migrate the majors company systems to Azure Cloud hybrid solution. This projects reduced the downtime in 50K documents day processing workload to Azure SLA 99,95%, and allow company to gain more customers and dig new niche markets. Also, avoiding $20K financial loss during downtime.

Azure Cloud Software Engineer - Role: Software Engineer

Building a Microsoft Azure dual-link redundant VPN to make communication between cloud and on-premises network transparent and resilient, even at internet Link failures. This solution mitigate the ISP links failure, and avoid 4K clients systems downtime and dissatisfaction.

Also, build and configure Windows Server 2012 Cluster for HADR (High Avaiability and Disaster Recovery) Always-On SQL Server 2014 with Cloud Service External Load Balancer Listener, and Full-Text Index Search optimization. This solution ensure company operation continuity even under adverse events. Eventhough, expensive queries and backups routines could be bound to SQL Server Replica, reducing the machine size and cost per transaction.

Design and implement Azure ELB (External Load Balancer) to ASP.Net and WCF.Net/ESB applications hosted in high-availability VM sets. This solution brings more reliability to WPF.Net Hy=performance client communication and Web applications either.

Integrating, REST API, MVC EMC Captiva. Azure Search, Azure Service Bus, to reengineering Company LOB Systems, bring more scalability and agility to developers to build new company Product Portfolio.

Planning the migration from SQL Server 2014 OLTP and OLAP solutions to Azure SQL DW and Azure SQL Database, with a database model reengineering to optimize the company core business process. This approach estimate a 87.5% SQL Server TCO reduction from $40K to less than $5k per month.

SQL Server Senior Developer / Database Administrator - Role: Database Architect / DBA

Design and implement a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Always-On solution, to ensure the high-availability and disaster recovery infrastructure to support a 20 Databases, for all company LOB applications. The solution was created using synchronous replication type, with automatic failover. With this approach any failure could be solved automatically, without human action. This also, provides a secondary replica to expensice queries, reduce Log backup workload, and provides a pre-stage server to ETL routines, reducing significantly Memory, CPU and Disk over-heads.

Coaching and coding with BI Team and SQL Developers Team to optimize high complex Stored Procedures and ETL packages. The working experience acquired with more than 15 years, could help new developers to glimpse simple solutions to complex problems. For example, reducing a complex Full-Text Search, multiple joins huge tables, with union Stored Procedure from 2000ms to 20ms, a 99% gain.

Design a Full Text Search new disk sttriped storage approach, tuning one of the most expensive queries to reduce it from 4000ms to 450ms, a 88% gain. Also, design, tuning and refactoring expensive daily queries; adjusting clustered and non-clustered index to maximize SQL Server utilization. This server and database reengineering contributed to reduce Virtual Machine requirements when migrating to IaaS Azure, from a 32 Core 76GB Ram Phisical Machine to a 08 Core, 56 GB Ram Virtual Machine.

Helping to find new ETL approaches to solve complex bulk-insert loads into database, combining Transact SQL and C# Scripting into ETL Packages. This process import hundreds of thousands records per day, to provide background information to OCR routines, to consolidate data into valuable information.

Back-end C# Senior Developer - Role: Software Engineer

Creating complex routines in C#.Net to migrate 20M TIFF images from local storage to Azure BLOB. Also, refactoring WCF.Net Services to use Azure Storage and Virtual Machines inside Cloud Services, this project allowed the migration process to coexist between Cloud and on-premises environments, ensuring the transparency to users and applications.

Developing PoC (Proof of Concept), Software Projects and complex coding routines, with C#.Net, to create a multiple-tenant Billing Service capable do deal of different company products, using a plug-in based architecture approach, transferring revenues logic to be developed by each product owner. Also, observing double-entry accountacy principles, and account consolidation with Azure Bus Topic, REST API, and Azure Work Roles, all develped with C#.Net.

Front-end C# Senior Developer - Role: Software Engineer

Developing complex WebAPI and MVC applications, to register all LoB events at Billing proprietary Solution. Creating Scheduled Azure C# WebJobs to calculate balance information to all Subscription events and resource groups.

January 2013 - May 2014

Software Engineer

ORIUM Informatica

Working in a start-up company with high skilled software engineer, designing an innovative software to join people by her/his interests using AWS cloud solutions.

AWS Cloud Software Engineer - Role: Software Engineer

Building Amazon Web Service infrastructure hosted in Virtual Machines with Microsoft Active Directory, IIS Web Server, Windows Service Crawler Server, Lucene.Net Server and. Design the Solution to suport High scalable applications, using distributed processing approach, segmenting user interface from business logic.

SQL Server Senior Developer - Role: Database Architect

Developing queries to set and get information from a Microsoft SQL Database 2012 to a No-SQL MongoDB. And also extracting data from SQL Server to populate a Lucene.Net Text Search Engine. Design database solutions to deal to hundreds of thousands users transactions.

Back-end C# Senior Developer - Role: Software Engineer

Design and implementing text search engine, and API, to allow the front-end application to discover one person, visiting any indexed web-site, based on its previous configured interests, using Luce.Net, SQL Server, MongoDB and WCF.Net as service endpoint.

December 2011 - December 2013


ANAC - Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil - equivalent to US FAA

Working with airworthiness inspectors, optimizing and maintaining internal and external inspecting and airworthiness security systems. Helping the registered airplane mechanical shops to report annual maintenance plans to the Agency, assuring the security airplanes fly process.

SQL Server / Oracle Senior Developer - Role: SQL Developer

Extracting data from MS Access to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and ORACLE databases, using Transact SQL and PL-SQL languages. Helping migrating Legacy databases, adjusting querys, developing new ones, working in a integrated way between all the above Technologies.

Coaching kunior developers to learn legacy tecnologies, teaching language syntax particularities, various approachs to solve a problem, helping them to climb the career ladder.

Back-end Senior Developer - Role: Software Engineer

Maintaining Legacy Microsoft Classic ASP systems such Intranet SAR (Airworthiness Intranet), e-DIAM (Annual Aircraft Mechanical Maintenance Declaration) this one acting as part of Take-off System used in almost all Brazilian aerodromes.

Starting the process to migrate Legacy Classic ASP to new ASP.Net technology, including JAVA Applications integration, Data migration and code migration.

February 2009 - November 2011


AGU - Advocacia Geral da união - Government Attorney General's Office

Leading the Architect, ALM and Quality teams, to help in Brazilian National Judiciary Unification Process Exchange. This process reduced the time between the notification by court and response by an attorney, besides the paper and transportation reducing costs, with an estimate growth to 09 Petabytes.

Private Cloud Software Engineer - Role: Software Engineer

The front end application was developed in ASP.Net and run in 08 windows Server Core 2008, using 02 Linux Memcached Server as Session repository. This application communicates with an 08 Windows Server Core 2008 ESB WCF.Net based on asynchronous queue, storing data on an Oracle Database, and crawling the Brazilian Judicial Courts with a Windows Service C#.Net Bot. With all process images stored on a 09PB estimated storage.

This solution was designed to support 12K Attorneys directly focused in lawsuits; 4K lawyers focused in make opinion court reports to all Federal Gorvenment. This solution reduced the amount of printed papers, and the costs with Judicial Process transportation between Courts and Attorneys offices.

The Brazilian Eletronic Judicial Process was driven by the seed planted by this initiative, which shows that a paper-less solution could be practical and efficient.

SQL Server Senior Advisor - Role: Database Advisor

Coaching the SQl Developers Tean to migrating all databases from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to ORACLE. Refactoring Stored Procedures, and queries to use PL-SQL instead of T-SQL. This process was developed in 80 databases, with more than 3K stored procedures and lots of queries inside code.

Also, working with Databse Architects to design strategies to migration process, defining steps and goals to achieve, prioritizing systemns and databases, ensuring that the Tet team would permorm Q&A policy

Back-End C# Senior Developer - Role: Software Engineer

The front end application was developed in ASP.Net, using Memcached as Session repository. This application communicates with an ESB WCF.Net based on asynchronous queues, storing data on an Oracle Database, and crawling the Brazilian Judicial Courts with a Windows Service C#.Net Bot.

Leading the C# Developer Team to build a robust solution, with full-redundant routines observing the network and infrastructure created. Reducing the downtime publish period, to seconds, ensuring the user sesion state even during publish operations, promoting a one-second faster experience to all users.

December 2007 - January 2009


AUTOTRAC - Fleet Satellite Tracking Company

Working as part of a multidisciplinary team to deal with logistics and security problems in Fleet Satellite Tracking Systems. Providing software solutions to Insurance Risk Agencies to efficiently monitoring its assets, in a 1.2K messages per second workload.

SQL Server Senior Developer - Role: Database Developer

Building T-SQL routines capable to get all the incoming messages and process them to more summarized data, also, building queries to front-end and back-end applications to show fleet asset information.

Back-end C# Senior Developer - Role: Software Developer

Refactoring the Windows Service C#.Net Bot which reads all received messages and summarize them into SQL Server Database for front-end tracking and logistics system. Also, developing the WCF.Net API to exchange information between Insurance Institutions and Tracking Fleet company.

April 2005 - December 2007


LINKNET - Fabrica DotNet Software House

Working with a highly skilled software engineer team, to define the major architect principles for the entire software house. Also, act as team member for the CMMi project, specifing the TI+ PS process for CMMi Levels 3 and 4

Software Architect - Role: Software Enginner

Working with Software Enginner Team and Enterprise Solution Architect Team to describe the software developer perspective to Technical Solution (CMMi-TS) and Product Integration (CMMi-PI). This project achueved to the Software Hoiuser the CMMi Level 3 Badge, improving the developement process and giving more transparency to clients and managers.

Developer Team Leader - Role: Software Developer

Working as a 04 developers team leader to design and create a Local City Gorvenment Protocol Tracking and Content Management System. This project integrated major Gorvenment sector and agencies, giving more control over the physicak paper, for legal reasons, and its content to streamline the process.

Decemver 2004 - Aoril 2005


M2X Solutions (Founder / CEO)

Developing and design Accounting Consolidation System for National Learning Cooperative Service (SESCOOP) to provide financial reports, and Federal Gorvenment funds transfer consolidation. Combining 19M Companies tax information monthly to produce valuable information. This project increased 3,5% annual transfer from Federal Gorvenment.

SQL Server Senior Developer - Role: Database Developer

Design Data Model and Physical Model to accomodate 19M companies information and 22GB monthly bulk-insert work-load. The data structure used partition schemas and daily summarizing routines, to provide fast access to financial reports.

C# Senior Developer - Role: Software Developer

Design and developing ASP.Net web front-end and C# back-end software to import 22GB information in less than 01 hour, summarizing routines to consolidate financial information daily, and Web site to Accounting Team remote access.

October 2002 - December 2004


ANVISA - Brazillian Health Regulatory Agency

Developing and design Ports, Airports and Boders Health Security Surveillance System, with Federal Police, Federal Tax Agency and Navy integrations. This solution improved the National Health Surveillance bring more control over Foreign passenger arising from endemic countries.

Web System Senior Developer - Role: Software Developer

Design and developing Classic ASP front-end to sanitary inspectors collecting data into a printed Checklist for futher process and heal risk analysis. The system used ORACLE database with PL-SQL.


MCSD App Builder

MCSD: App Builder — Certified 2017

MCSD App Builder

MCSA: Web Applications — Certified 2017

MCSD App Builder

MCSA: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure — Certified 2016

MCSD App Builder

MCSA: Cloud Platform — Certified 2016

MCSD App Builder

Exam 532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

MCSD App Builder

Exam 533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

MCSD App Builder

Exam 534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

MCSD App Builder


Academic Qualifications


Web Application - MCSD

Web Application Certified Solution Developer

"These credentials represent the latest and greatest of Microsoft's development certifications, and include exams with a focus on web tools and technologies" Best Web Certifications For 2017

MCSA Web Application


Cloud Platform and Infrastructure - MCSE

Azure Cloud and Infrastructure Expert

" Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification validates that you have the skills needed to run a highly efficient and modern data center, with expertise in cloud technologies, identity management, systems management, virtualization, storage, and networking." Microsoft Solutions Expert

MS Azure


Azure Solutions Architect - MCSD

Azure Cloud Software Architect

"As you review candidates for openings within your organization, pay special attention to those who’ve earned Microsoft Certifications. Why? Because they make great employees—they drive fast time-to-value, onboard quickly, and are adept at responding to challenges." The business value of IT certification
IDC White Paper
MS Azure

2016 - 2017

Microsoft Specialist - MS

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions/ mplementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions / Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions / Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Microsoft Azure is a complex suite of interconnected services that also have ties to your on-premises infrastructure. Planning and architecting solutions around this complicated set of moving parts can be...well, complicated. Microsoft's 70-534 exam is intended to help gauge your skill at architecting Azure-based solutions, from security to networking, including monitoring, business continuity, and other important concerns. Pluralsight

MS Azure     MS Azure     MS Azure     MS Azure


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer - MCSD1


MCSD is number three in a new survey of the top-paying certifications for 2013. If you’re a developer with an expertise in analyzing and designing enterprise solutions using different Microsoft languages and development tools, this is the certification to get. Validate your expertise and raise your earning potential at the same time. Microsoft Learning



Microsoft Certified Application Developer - MCAD


The new Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for Microsoft .NET credential is aimed at developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET and the .NET Framework to develop, deploy, and maintain department-level applications and components for Microsoft Windows® and the Web. These developers also build enterprise solutions incorporating data services and XML Web services Microsoft Education



Microsoft Certified Profesional - MCP

Microsoft.Net / Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions. Microsoft Learning

MS Azure


UDF - Centro Universitário - University

Bachelor of Accountancy - site

Accounting is the science to deal with summarizing and classifying financial matters, providing relevant information to empowered business administrators to fundament their assessments decisions, through extracting financial indicators, providing auditing practices and giving budget control best-practices. Accounting professionals plays an fundamental role in every business organization. In this scenario, my bachelor thesis are focused in proven an cost-saving management approach, based on Social Accountancy, increasing profits by social empathy, with an environment preserve goal.


Leonardo Machado

Software Architect - Personal Blog

High-Powered Information Technology Expert with 20 years of diverse and successful experience implementing innovative, mission-critical IT / IS solutions in high-pressure environments. Delivered significant cost savings, improvements in quality, performance, security and analytics while minimizing system downtime. Detail oriented with exceptional analytical ability enhancing business intelligence and data-driven decision-making

Gianpaolo Nascimento

Project Leader - Enterprise Data Warehouse - BI - LinkedIn

Senior-level technical professional with 10+ years of hands-on experience in database and software development with track record of producing high-quality results and process improvements that ensures client satisfaction, increase efficiency/productivity. Leader and manage of developers to ensure the technology is been used with best practice and high quality. Results oriented leader with proven success developing and leveraging technology with business processes and acting as a critical change agent.

Technical Skills


Design an Application Storage and Data Access Strategy

Microsoft Azure

Design data storage. Design applications that use Mobile Apps. Design applications that use notifications. Design applications that use a web API. Design a data access strategy for hybrid applications. Design a media solution


Design Azure Web Apps

Microsoft Azure

Design Azure Web Apps for scalability and performance . Deploy Azure Web Apps. Design Azure Web Apps for business continuity .


Secure Resources

Microsoft Azure

Secure resources by using managed identities. Secure resources by using hybrid identities. Secure resources by using identity providers. Identify an appropriate data security solution. Design a role-based access control strategy


Design an Advanced Application

Microsoft Azure

Create compute-intensive applications. Select the appropriate storage option. Integrate Azure services in a solution.


Design Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Networking

Microsoft Azure

Describe how Azure uses Global Foundation Services (GFS) datacenters. Design Azure virtual networks, networking services, DNS, DHCP, and IP addressing configuration. Design Azure Compute. Describe Azure virtual private network (VPN) and ExpressRoute architecture and design. Describe Azure services.


Design a Management, Monitoring, and Business Continuity Strategy

Microsoft Azure

Evaluate hybrid and Azure-hosted architectures for Microsoft System Center deployment. Design a monitoring strategy. Describe Azure business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) capabilities. Design a disaster recovery strategy. Design Azure Automation and PowerShell workflows. Describe the use cases for Azure Automation configuration.


Create Database Objects

Microsoft SQL Server

Create and alter tables using T-SQL syntax . Design views. Create and modify constraints. Create and alter DML triggers .


Modify Data

Microsoft SQL Server

Create and alter stored procedures. Modify data by using INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. Combine datasets. Work with functions.


Work with Data

Microsoft SQL Server

Query data by using SELECT statements. Implement sub-queries. Implement data types. Implement aggregate queries. Query and manage XML data.


Troubleshoot & Optimize

Microsoft SQL Server

Optimize queries. Manage transactions. Implement error handling.


MS Azure Cloud Architect 90%
MS SQL Server & TSQL Senior Developer 88%
Microsoft .Net C# Software Engineer 90%
SOA e Microsoft WCF.Net Architect 85%


If you hav any questions feel free to ask, I would be glad to answer it. .

Brasilia Brazil

Working in Brasilia - Brazil.